We Are Adaptium

A full service technology firm consisting of dynamic, hard-working, innovative individuals based in sunny San Diego, California.

Core Values

Who we are as a company and what we represent.

Stay Hungry

Whether it be learning a new programming language, platform, or application, our team is always hungry to learn and expand our skill set to better serve our clients.

Explore Freely

We aren’t just mindless cogs in a corporate machine; we are a curious set of individuals who think for ourselves and have a desire to explore alternative ways to solve problems.

Be Humble

Respect runs deep in our company. We firmly believe that no matter what happens in life, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Cultivate Relationships

Quite simply, we put people and relationships first. It is our firm belief that every day is an opportunity to build better, stronger relationships with each of our clients.

Think Ahead

We don’t just solve problems for the here and now. We develop flexible code that allows us to utilize new and emerging technologies so our clients are always at the forefront.

Never Quit

Giving up is not an option for us. Whether we are fulfilling a client’s simple request or completing a year-long project, we will do everything in our power to get it done right.

The Early Days

Getting our feet wet, literally.

Adaptium became an established company in the early part of 2001 and was headquartered in beautiful San Diego, California. Our early focus was on custom software development, IT management and strategy, network infrastructure, and tech support.

Slow & Steady

Building relationships, one by one.

Over the next couple of years, our client list continued to grow at a healthy clip, much of which was from word-of-mouth.  With the business healthy and growing, we began to add to our repertoire and learn new tools and platforms that began to emerge in the marketplace. One such tool was Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short. Very quickly, AWS because incredibly popular and was (and is) widely recognized as one of the most popular and powerful cloud platforms on the market.

The Future

Better tools, better businesses.

Moving forward as a company, we will continue build our client base leveraging both our software development roots and the new tools and platforms available in the marketplace. We welcome new challenges and projects and look forward to working with new and existing clients alike. Whether it be building a new software tool from the ground up or helping companies navigate the ever-evolving tools in the cloud such as AWS, Adaptium will be there ready to serve our clients.

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